Support for FCH JU call answering

Support for FCH JU call answering

You wish to:

  • Aim European hydrogen funding (e.g. € 93 million for FCH JU 2020 calls)
  • Find 100% funding, such as RIAs for Research Innovation (TRL 2 to 5)
  • Get synergies with French, European and other partners, expand your markets
  • Submit excellence records, stay focused on your core business
  • Unwaste time and resources or transferring context to XXL consulting structures  large groups.

GAIADIS supports you and offers:

  • Undramatizing response to European funding instruments, such as FCH JU ones
  • (Upstream): support for setting up and submitting answers, looking for partners, contractualizing Grant agreement
  • (Downstream): support for the management of the collaborative project

GAIADIS strenghtness:

  • SME industrial experience within difficult and successful proposals with national players
  • Familiarity with hydrogen players, member of AFHYPAC
  • Agility AND Partnership with bigger consulting structures
  • Eg. : Answering Hydrogen project for vehicles (RIA: 100% funding) with 3 French partners AD VENTA, STELIA, FAURECIA, and 4 international partners (UK, NL, D, CH)